Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''I've put up a very early version of an update that includes Bows & Arrows. This is rough around the edges and there is still plenty to do, but it give you a look at work in progress.

Some major things are still to come. Planned major improvements in AI to give MOBs a fighting chance against players are in the works. Also the shot arcs and speed will undergo a major adjustment soon. Right now MOBs doen't really have a fighting chance but later version of the test should make this part more entertaining.This update uses your existing character but does not save your character progress. This avoids possible errors and expliots while the update is in development.

Honestly, I'm not sure what else is going to ultimately be in the update but I think watching player using the Alpha Test will help me work through the problems and bugs.

You need to be XP level 21 at least. The bow will appear in your equipment screen automatically.
Please keep in mind this is pre-beta.You can try it here.....

Already our first change. I experimented with the <home> key, but that's a browser shortcut and caused some players screen to jump.
Now you fire an arrow using the key.''

Alpha test 2.1b (07/07/2010)
  • Shots firing at 2 MOBs at a time in the dungeon fixed
  • Arrows affecting Bane and Wyverns fixed
  • Unicorns get mad when they get hit now
  • Targeting ring visible in the dungeon
  • <ctrl> followed by an arrow no longer gives a double shot
  • Damage turned up some for both your arrow shots and MOB shots
  • You can no longer target MOBs who are on your team
  • Highlight arrow disappears properly when teleporting
  • Character Equipment Screen closes properly when the treasure window pops up

Alpha Version 2.1c (09/07/2010)
  • If you shoot a mob. He will have acces to some spots.

Alpha Version 2.1d (10/07/2010)
  • Mobs now have a Speed ​​Bonus when you shoot them.
  • If you shoot at a mob. He will have acces to safezones aswell.

Alpha Version 2.1f (12/07/2010)
  • Shockwave Problems fixed

Alpha Version 2.1i (13/07/2010)
  • Dungeon bugs fixed

Version 2.1j Alpha (13/07/2010)
  • Double shot fixed

Alpha Version 2.1k (07/14/2010)
  • You can not shoot from buildings. So mobs won't get through walls
  • If you shoot a mob, he will get ''angry''. But if you run away in the castle. Then the mob goes back and he behaves himself again'' normal''

Version 2.1p Beta (07/18/2010)
  • Small Bugs fixed

Version 2.1q Beta (07/18/2010)
  • Guests are now marked yellow in the Player List
  • mobs can't get up stones in teleport 5. Only when you shoot an arrow.

Version 2.1r Beta (07/18/2010)
  • Wall bug fixed (mobs came through)

When will this update come out?
On Thursday, July 20, the update there!

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