Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''I posted Version 2.2s today. Last island visited is now stored in the save game and you will be teleported to that island automatically when you log-in. Also there is now normal healing in the Battle Zone. Because of the lack of healing, the Battle Zone combat was too different from regular PVP combat to represent a fair test of PVP skill. BattleZone games have been extended to 10 minutes to account for the fact that duels there will potentially last longer.

Alpha is coming along as well. Alpha now has support for friends lists and bow 'n arrows. If you remember how long it took to do bows for the Shockwave version, you know this wasn't a small job. Also MOB data is standardized across the server and carried between the Shockwave and Flash versions. So you can team up together on Bane, Agony or other MOBs.''

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