Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''I just put up version 2.2r. (second update today) This update switches to a “shard” approach with the servers. The benefit is that it will allow friend messages to pass between Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Servers. There will also be other benefits down the road, once I’m sure the bugs are clear. There may be some weirdness with the rooms and servers while players switch over. By tomorrow once everyone is running the new version, you should be able to pass friend messages between servers.''

Also the /server command has been deleted and instead this is the new system to switch servers.

Logged on Emerald:
Emerald rooms: 1 - 100
Sapphire rooms: 101 - 200
Ruby rooms: 201 - 300

Logged on Sapphire:
Sapphire rooms: 1 - 100
Ruby rooms: 101 - 200
Emerald rooms: 201 - 300

Logged on Ruby:
Ruby rooms: 1 - 100
Emerald rooms: 101 - 200
Sapphire rooms: 201 - 300
7/11/2013 00:57:45


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