Today Sherwood Dungeon: Version 2.1 has been launched!

Update Notes:
  • Archery is available, You can use bow and arrows to kill monsters. But you can't use it on players.
  • Price of bow and arrows is reduced by 50%
  • You can have 20 arrows each slot
  • Monsters can walk on stones and water now, Except teleport 5
  • Equipment Overview has been updated, Weapons, shields, rings and tally are now in 1 single overview
  • Healing rings are deleted, Everyone will heal for 100%.
  • New HP ring added. Replace for the healing ring.
  • Dungeon and Chest location has been changed.
  • Health Potions has been resetted to 1000. Will be later 10.
  • Monsters are able to shoot arrows aswell.
  • Monsters can become ''angry'' and will come after you if you shoot at them.
  • Monsters will reset their HP, if you walk into the castle or any other building.
  • You can see now in player list which account is a real account or an guest. Guests will be yellow in the player list and accounts will be white.

How do you use arrows and bows?

  • You have to be level 21.
  • And use the key: '';''

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