Today Sherwood Dungeon: Version 1.6 has been launched!

Update Notes:
  • Nieuwe quest interface
  • Old sounds are back (Attack and Tally)
  • Mobs will drop now chests. You can choose if you want to pick up the item or not.
  • Sell prices are reduces with 50%
  • Health potion will have a cap of 10. (You will keep your old health potions)
  • New building (See Picture)

Help menu of Sherwood is also reworked.
  • You can now invite people per mail to play
  • You can switch maps now on the help menu
  • You can switch chatroom in the help menu

Its also possible you won't be able to play Sherwood Dungeon. Please make sure to update Abobe Shockwave: Download link
New Building

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