Welcome to my new website. As you may know, I used to run DutchSite. Which was a site written in Dutch. Helping new ppl in the game. I hope you guys can give me feedback about the site. Maybe something needs to be changed or give me any suggestions. For now there will be only a few pages with basics. Also it will be a site about me (Don Fortune) and feel free to ask anything.

Also i will try to recover old blog post. So ppl who are interested in old changes will be able to read it,
Gene might want to make big change in Sherwood Dungeon.

The change is that a trading system. But this means that all the crates and barrels are removed from the dungeon. So you can only get arms through killing monsters or buying. So there is no help where you can find weapons and goes to pure luck.
On the guestbook you can vote what you think.

9 votes, yes, change
35 votes, no, leave it as it is now