Preview of new colors!
Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''I've just launched Sherwood Version 2.2.n. This includes a variety of new pet color options including a black horse, Lycan and Huntress. It also includes two new color choices for the Shadowfey. 

Here is a little more background on the new Shadowfey color choices:

The Shadowfey are split into two factions, the Fallen and the True. The "True" Shadowfey are grey skinned with blue armor and, assuming they don't die in combat, through magic have been able to achive eternal life. This came at the cost of having children. Many of the True Shadowfey have became aloof uncaring and cruel. The "Fallen" with red armor and normal skin tone abandoned their power and returned the normal cycle of birth and death. The Fallen tend to be more friendly with the Kingdom of Man, who they refer to as "Brightlanders". The two Shadowfey factions are mortal enemies.

I'll be exploring this conflict in the game in much greater detail in the future, time permitting, but I wanted to get the new color options out to you earlier. I hope you like the update.''