Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''I just put in a cool little camera / control update (Version 2.1q). Dragging the left mouse button to rotate the camera remains unchanged however dragging the right mouse button now rotates your character with the camera. This lets you use right-drag to control your character as they run around the world.''
Today Sherwood Dungeon: Version 2.1p has been launched!

Update notes:
  • Snow in the castle has been made slighty darker. Cause it made the chat hard to read
  • Small bug fixes in Shadowfey's
  • Small design bugs on Shadowfey priestess has been fixed (Eyes, neck)
Today Sherwood Dungeon: Version 2.1o has been launched!

Update notes:
  • Sherwood Castle has been changed to a winter design!
  • Shadowfey Priestess and Knights added.
  • You can transform or summon an Shadowfey.
  • If you summon a pet, you will see a color option.
Sherwood Castle
Shadowfey Priestess