Gene Endrody on Facebook
''I'm almost done. Everything is done except for the quest text and some tuning. I have a 17-part quest chain called The Bane Prophecyvan and two beginner quests (short intro of the game). The quests all work, but many are only in outline form and should be written. Of the 19 quests, are 8 completely done. Hopefully you see why it took a while, when you see it.

I had originally planned to do the Dark Bloods, but that seemed to make more sense as a separate quest chain. So I will therefore begin the update.''
Gene Endrody on Facebook
''I have some more progress to report on the update I'm working on. Most of you have thought of the last note of that story quests are central to the update. Since the completion of the collection quests, I also kind of ready FedEx quests (example: to deliver a note from one to another NPC. I also worked on an update of weapons to ensure there is some good rewards for the completion of the quests. All come with new 3D models. There are two new shields and nine new weapons:
  • 1 Sword
  • 2 Scepters / Maces
  • 4 Axes
  • 1 Trident
  • 1 Spear (Short Barbed Spear)
Still much to do, but it comes along.''
Preview of ''Short Barbed Spear'' and ''Notched Shield''
Preview of the new sword (Name unknown).
Gene Endrody is working hard on new quests.
''Totaal 19 quests:
  • 17 Collecting Quests
  • 2 Beginners Quests (intro of the game)
There will come more typ of quests:
  • Kill Quests (Kill mobs)
  • Deliver Quests (Bring an item to an NPC)
  • Collecting Quests (Collect an item)
The next update is a bit time consuming, but I thought I let you in on how things go. Since the Halloween update, I worked on getting collection style quests work in my development version of the game. These are quests where you collect items from quest to defeat Mobs and NPC's to bring him back for a reward. This was also the main reason for the introduction of treasure chests. It is a few solid days taken to update the quest system and introduce a new item type - the quest item. Quest items are stored in your Runes and Scrolls bag and they are stackable. Stackable means that if you have 5 of a quest item can, they take only one slot. Health Potions and Gold are currently stacked, for example. Collection quests are working, but eris more I should do before I introduce them in the game.

By itself, the collection quests are not much more interesting than the current 6 defeats mobs of a certain type quests. You just need the extra step of collecting the object. I knew it was there, but the collection quests are only one part of a larger plan that includes some story quests. I am cautiously tezeggen "some" story quests, because I suspect that even once released you'll probably rip though them all in one afternoon. That said, the, it is important to facilitate the story quests add to Sherwood so long as we continue the tradition can begin to grow.

The images are just developing tests, but they show you the idea.''
''This was a test with good old Olaf. This is fully functional in the development version of the game, but it is unlikely that you see in the release version - as in the post.''
At 2:00 PM Sherwood Dungeon is having login problems. It should be solved by now though.
But you get poofed alot in room 0

Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''Server Beach (my ISP) does the work to change in the structure that affects the database server. Must come back in a moment.''
Today a special update: Halloween!
You can use now pumkinheads on:
  • Knights
  • Valkyrie
  • Ranger.
Pumkin Knight
Today Sherwood Dungeon: 1.6a has been launched!

Update Notes:
  • New Mob: Darkblood
  • A stonecircle, Which will be the new spawning point and its a safe zone aswell.
  • Iron Champions are deleted from Sherwood Castle
  • Some Sounds are deleted
  • New NPC: ''Olaf Vermund'' You can find him around the new building.

This update was earlier. But due some bugs it got resetted to 1.5z. After Gene fixed the bugs, this version was live again.
Sherwood Castle
Darkblood Raider
Frost Bite
Darkblood Champion
Isle Of Ancient
Darkblood Elite
Haunted Palm
Darkblood Marauder
Lost Lagoon
Darkblood Knight