Today Sherwood Dungeon: Version 1.6 has been launched!

Update Notes:
  • Nieuwe quest interface
  • Old sounds are back (Attack and Tally)
  • Mobs will drop now chests. You can choose if you want to pick up the item or not.
  • Sell prices are reduces with 50%
  • Health potion will have a cap of 10. (You will keep your old health potions)
  • New building (See Picture)

Help menu of Sherwood is also reworked.
  • You can now invite people per mail to play
  • You can switch maps now on the help menu
  • You can switch chatroom in the help menu

Its also possible you won't be able to play Sherwood Dungeon. Please make sure to update Abobe Shockwave: Download link
New Building
Gene Endrody on Facebook:
"GENE .... A tavern is by definition a drink place." Yes, that was stating the deleted post. It was dumb to building an inn label. I try to establish an art style that I can use for different buildings, with the intention of working towards cities. Fences, roads, wells, tents, mills, houses art interrelated elements that must be done in a style. I will probably teleport 9 without a portal just so you can see my experiments when things come together. Exteriors first.''

Gene had also plans about a blacksmith and a trainer.
''At this time, upgrading your weapons to level xp something in the plans for blacksmiths. At this moment I give the power moves. In the future I plan to have a trainer who trains you for a fee (or Quest).
I thought about Cookie's approach in the past, but did not want confusion in the values ​​tevoeren (gold to diamonds, etc.)''
Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''Drinks, drinks, sit - that's not what I'm going with this. I have a place for mechants, blacksmiths, trainers and quest givers. This may be an inn or house or shop. It would be one of a number of buildings or a part of a city. I do not know yet. Do not dwell on the inn as a bar, because Sherwood been great for hanging out.''
Building Preview