Today Sherwood Dungeon has launched a mini update!

Update Notes:
  • New NPC: Darkblood spy, she will be at teleport 9
  • New Quest: Kill 10 Unicorns for a Darkblood Skull Axe
  • Weapons do matter now on your righthand. Without weapons you will deal -50% damage.
Gene might want to make big change in Sherwood Dungeon.

The change is that a trading system. But this means that all the crates and barrels are removed from the dungeon. So you can only get arms through killing monsters or buying. So there is no help where you can find weapons and goes to pure luck.
On the guestbook you can vote what you think.

9 votes, yes, change
35 votes, no, leave it as it is now
there was a whole discussion about the healing rings. It heals at lvl 4 (133%), which is a bug.

Gene could explain why. that was that lower levels heals better with 100% ring (unclear why) then higher levels. Thats why Gene has changed all the lvl 25 rings of 100% or less to 66%.
You can find 100% healing rings from lvl 28 now. So now you have to level up for a good ring.

Edit: The bugs of the 100% healing rings are removed. So Gene had no reason to keep him at lvl 28. All rings are put back. So you can be 100% healing rings again like lvl 6.