Preview of War Horse
Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''The new War Horse Mount has just been released in Sherwood Dungeon Version 2.2i.  There may still be a few bugs to sort out, so let me know if anything comes up.  As with the other mounts, you can ride it, summon it as a pet or transform yourself into it.  Pricing is the same as the other pets. I hope you like it.''

Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''After repeated requests and a few comments by reviewers, I've been experimenting with a keyboard layout for Sherwood that follows traditional MMO layout standards. All of the normal keys for combat work the same as before and the number keys are included as alternates. In addition to the arrow keys, < W A S D > can be used for movement. The big change is that you press < Enter > to start a chat message - this is a standard way to do chat in MMOs. "/" commands can just be typed in, no <enter> is required.</enter>

There is also a set of hot keys to access a variety of screens in the game including:

< C > Character Panel
< I >,< B > or < E > Inventory and Equipment
< R > Rune Bag and Quest Items
< M > Map in the Dungeon
< P > Pet Menu
< F > Friends List
< O > Player List
< Q > or < L > Current Quest
< W A S D > Movement
< Esc > Help Menu
< Enter > To chat
< / > Console Command

So it's really only one extra key to start chat. Other than that we get a many new key options without changing the existing keys.  You can use all of the existing combat keys while typing a chat message, just like before, but you can also press <esc> to cancel chat while typing a message to regain access to the new hot keys.

Update: You can toggle through number key layout, classic layout or the new alternate layout with the <end> key or by going to the Keys menu and pressing <change>.  You can try it in our usual testing location at Let me know what you think.''
Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''2.2c is up in the Sherwood test URL at . As as mentioned in my last note, this is the second half of the new feature that allows for multiple pets. Now other players should be able to see when you have multiple pets summoned. Keep in mind, both players need to be running 2.2c. Let me know any bugs.''