Preview: Wolf + Unicorn
Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''Now that the last update has gone live, I've put up a test of another pet feature.  If you own multiple pets, this feature allows you to ride one pet as a mount (or transform yourself into a pet) and have one additional pet summoned to run beside you at the same time.  As you can see from the picture, you can be tranformed into a Huntress, riding a Unicorn with a Wolf summoned to run beside you all at the same time.  Most combinations that make sense should be possible. This feature is only half written so far.  Other players will not be able to see your mount and summoned pet at the same time but I though I would put up what I've done so far as a sneak peek.  It will probably take a few more days to finish. It is in our usual test URL at''

Preview: Lycan + Horse
Gene Endrody on Facebook:
''I launched another test release ( Version 2.2a ) that should be of interest to those with pets. This is at our usual testing URL at If you own a Shadowfey, Lycan or Huntress and also own a second pet this should be of interest to you. You'll notice in the image that my character is transfomed into a Lycan while riding a horse. In addition to riding a mount, you can also summon another pet you own to follow along beside you while transformed into a Lycan, Shadowfey or Huntress. This was a very popular request recently and required some big changes to the pet system. There are also some changes to the way the pet UI works. If you are interacting with players running the non-test version of Sherwood, there will be a few non-critical bugs that I'm well aware of. However any bugs that come up with other players also running the test version I'd like to know about, particularly crash bugs.  As with any bug, reporting them only works if you provide the steps to reproduce.''

An update has been launched today!

Update notes:

  • Huntress pet has now armor color options
  • Normal Male Character has 2 hairstyles
  • HP Bars color will be based on the Team color
  • 2 teleports outside have been moved inside the Castle.