Today Sherwood Dungeon has launched a big update!

Update notes:
  • Teleport 9
  • New building is finally open for use
  • New roads
  • New fances
  • New Particals
  • New: Diamonds
  • New NPC's
  • Blacksmith, You can use it to upgrade weapons
Teleport 9: folder with a creepy and dark Wolfen bloods. Also there is moonlight this time is used.

Diamonds: You can get Diamonds by killing mobs in Sherwood, You can use them to buy scrolls or runes in teleport 9!

Scrolls: The signs of scrolls are also adjusted

Why is there no lights and the windows isn't transparent?
Adobe Shockwave has no functions to objects to make transparent to light effects to make or Fire or magical effects to use. Gene Endrody Adobe has reported this. So maybe in the future that is.
Today Sherwood Dungeon has launched a mini update.
  • You will be able to see your EXP bar, Below your main menu
  • You can send players now a gift by using your player list.