After many days sherwood is back! Gene Endrody worked 14 hours on Friday to get things to get right. The Buddy was temporarily turned off and the next day (Saturday) was turned on.

What was the reason for these errors? (By Gene Endrody)
''There are several reasons. But the real cause is unknown. Also, the database Gene cleaned. All accounts that you are logged only 1x and 3 months were not used were removed. Total that had about 250,000 accounts! Also a new database created for Sherwood. In this weekend to come. So there may still have some problems by this update.''
Since yesterday you could not login and you were every minute poofed to room 0. This problem can occur long unfortunately.

Gene Endrody has posted 9 hours ago: (11:30)
''I spent the day worked on this problem. it will most likely continue until tomorrow. The game servers continue to have a bad connection to the database file and reset. I do not know why or what has changed in the last 24 hours that is causing the problem.''